Good communications could strengthen your business amid the current COVID-19 crisis 
I’ve been helping organisations communicate with their audiences for over 25 years and, throughout that time, I’ve faced the recurrent question ‘what is PR’? 
I’ve found that companies – perhaps understandably – find it easier to grasp the value of the business functions that are perceived as more hands-on, or yielding of more direct results, like 'traditional' marketing or sales. 
However, what’s happening now, for the first time in my career, is that I’m watching a worldwide crisis answer that age-old question for me. For it is highlighting, very clearly, the fundamental importance of communicating and engaging with their stakeholders, from a genuine place, for firms of all shapes and sizes. 
So, how could it help you and your business, right now? 
Imagine you’re going to meet a friend in a pub, what’s the first thing you’ll tell them? 
That’s your story! 
This is a piece of advice I give to people all the time, when they’re learning how to present something to appeal to the media and understand what their ‘angle’ is. 
But the notion of storytelling is even more far-reaching than that, when it comes to PR. 
It’s about bringing a whole brand to life in a colourful, memorable way that people simply can’t ignore. 
Just imagine, for a minute, the role stories play in your own life. 
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